Project and Property Development

We help you navigate through the early stages of Property Development

In a constantly changing world, our properties must also adapt to current trends to optimize the potential of each property and/or surrounding. The work process for a property development project is, to say the least, complex, requiring an understanding of the market, the construction process, and the ability to navigate through complex regulatory landscapes.

Successful property development requires more than just good intuition. It requires careful planning, experience, and strategic thinking. At Sustend, we offer a unique combination of industry-leading expertise to help you identify business opportunities and develop each property to its full potential.

At Sustend, we specialize in property development, taking a comprehensive approach from idea to completion. Our process includes market analyses, concept development, and design, ensuring that property projects not only meet but exceed market expectations. By combining innovative solutions with sustainability, we create long-term value for our customers and communities.

At the heart of our property development strategy lies creativity and the ability to identify business opportunities in the real estate sector. With strong ambition and extensive experience collaborating with investors and property owners, we are dedicated to maximizing property value and realizing each property’s full potential.

Whether you want to discuss the potential of an acquisition, enhance an existing property, develop a project idea, create a program document, or get assistance with the planning process, you are warmly welcome to contact one of our project managers! We are experienced in working both with international and domestic clients.

Development of Scandinavias largest Outlet Centrum - Malmö Designer Village


Business Development

In business development, Sustend assists property owners and developers in identifying new opportunities and optimizing their investments. We offer strategic advice and support throughout the entire business development process, from initial market research to negotiations and implementation. Our goal is to help our clients achieve profitable growth and long-term success.

Do you have projects underway? Get in touch with us, and we will help you navigate the Swedish market!